Soulmates are hard to come by. It feels like we should be able to easily find our missing puzzle piece or our soul’s one true partner. Unfortunately, with this many billion people in the world, we tend to have to sift through a lot of negatives before finding our one true match.

Hearts are funny things, as they can fall in love with almost anyone — build a connection, embrace with love, and we’ve got a recipe for partnership. It doesn’t always work out so well at the end though, which is why finding our soulmate sooner rather than later would definitely be preferred.

While we can’t say whether two people are soulmates or not, we can approximate some guidelines based on ancient star signs. Astrology is a totally valid method when it comes to figuring out human relationships. We all have patterns, and those patterns lead us to similar places.

In this case, we’re using a sign’s patterns and traits to figure out what they should be looking for in a soulmate. The one thing each sign should be looking for in their soulmate varies from sign to sign, which is why we’ve put together this comprehensive list. Now it’s easy for any of us to find love!

Cancer Women: Someone Who Reassures Well And Supports Unconditionally

One thing that the Cancer woman might be frustrated with is the fact that their partners might not be as upfront about their feelings as they want them to be.

Looking for a partner who reassures the Cancer woman well will put her active mind to rest, and will allow her to just love the relationship.

It’s never a good idea to invest in a person who doesn’t love and support you the way that’s needed to be happy. Cancers are loyal, loving, and are ready to commit. It’s a beautiful trait to have, but it’s not going to bring longevity and happiness if they’ve committed to a person who doesn’t offer full and unconditional support.

Cancer Men: A Person Who Watches And Listens Without Judgment

Cancers are sensitive, making it difficult for them to handle a lot of criticism all at once. By slowly working on one aspect of their life at a time, they’re able to figure out exactly what they need to work on next. They’re methodical and don’t need a whole lot of wild times to be happy.

This is why the Cancer man should be looking for someone who watches and listens without judgment. The sensitivity will help the Cancer connect with their partner without feeling criticized. This makes the relationship happy, healthy, and ultimately more productive in the long run.

Gemini Women: A Proactive Person Who Doesn’t Wait Around

Gemini might not be the type of sign that will drop everything just on the promise of adventure, but they do like to move forward in their lives. For a sign that’s classified as leaning more towards the indecisive side of the spectrum, Geminis certainly do get things done.

Decision making might be difficult, but one choice that’s not hard to make is deciding that a Gemini woman needs someone who isn’t going to wait around.

They need to match the Gemini’s determination and proactivity; a little more decisiveness might be good too. Motivation breeds motivation though, and two motivators in the relationship will always be better than one.

Gemini Men: Someone Who Can Make The Practical, Rational Decisions

We mentioned it briefly above, but let’s go a little more in depth. Geminis are said to be of two minds; one minute they can be totally on board with a plan, and the next they can be off on a totally different track. It all depends on how the Gemini is feeling that day. More energy might mean more indecision, while a serious-toned Gemini might be more inclined to stay on the decided path.

By finding someone who’s able to help make practical, rational decisions, the Gemini will save themselves a lot of stress. Combine this with a partner who’s open for discussion and it’s a match made in heaven!

Libra Women: A Soulmate Who Understands That Quiet Is Important

Libras are quiet. It’s just a fact. While there might be a few outgoing Libras out there, on the whole, this isn’t the sign that’s going to be screaming into their phone outside of a restaurant late at night. Libras are level-headed, and never really get too riled up. They play fair, and won’t try to give themselves an advantage.

A Libra’s one tricky trait is needing quiet to process.

Internal processors need alone time in order to digest decisions and events of the day. For a thinking-based sign like Libra, that’s easier to say than to find. Relationships often take up a lot of time, which is why Libra’s soulmate will understand that quiet is important.

Libra Men: Someone Who’s Able To Bring New Ideas And Intellect To The Dinner Table

As a thinking sign, Libra likes to be intellectually stimulated. New experiences, new ideas, and new choices are important to the Libra. They like to be presented with fresh ideas, which is absolutely a trait that needs to be supported by their partner. They need someone who’ll bring new thoughts to the dinner table.

Finding a soulmate who embraces learning, reading, and adventuring won’t be a bad thing for the Libra. They’ll find themselves more satisfied than ever before- without having to worry about doing it all themselves. That’s what a partnership is all about; sharing and caring, no matter what the load is.

Taurus Women: Find Someone Who Motivates, But Takes Life Slow

Taurus might feel like a relaxed sign, but don’t be fooled. They like their lazy days, but only when balanced with the kind of success that comes from working hard. Taurus women aren’t afraid to go for their goals, but understand that the ladder needs to be climbed one rung at a time.

They’re motivated by success, luxury, and relaxation. It’s a funny mix, but one that should be mirrored by their partner.

This will make for the happiest couple; a pair that can both motivate each other and relax together is the perfect match. Plus, by finding someone who likes to take life slowly, the Taurus is more able to build up trust before going all-in on commitment.

Taurus Men: This Soulmate Will Want Lavish Love (And Maybe Some Presents)

It’s not just the Taurus women who want to experience a relaxed and loving partner. Taurus folk are affectionate creatures and really love the sensations that come with connected physicality. They like to hold hands and hug just as much as they like to tease and work hard.

While a Taurus man might not admit it, he is really looking for an affectionate soulmate. Presents don’t hurt either, as Taurus is a sign that places value on material goods. The name of the Taurus’s game is love, whether it’s free and physical or wrapped up all pretty with a nice, sparkly bow.

Scorpio Women: Transparent, Total Honesty Is The Most Important Quality

Read any astrology profile and it’s likely going to mention how a Scorpio can be untrusting. We want to break down that myth by giving some clarity to the situation. It’s not that a Scorpio doesn’t trust by default; they just don’t want to get hurt. They’re protected, which also extends to protecting their partner. In order to do that, they need to know that their partner will do the same for them, though.

This is done through totally transparent honesty on the part of the partner.

A Scorpio’s soulmate needs to be honest, not false and freaking out. Level-headed but passionate, transparent but contained; it might be hard to find, but the relationship will be so worth it in the end.

Scorpio Men: Someone Who Can Bring Some Levity To The Serious Scorpio

Scorpio is a serious sign. They have serious thoughts, serious goals, and take a seriously long time to come to terms with a situation. They like to be sure of the choices that they make, and tend to feel guilty if they step away from work and responsibilities for too long.

The Scorpio man needs someone to take that guilt away, as we all need a break every now and again. By learning to relax Scorpios will actually end up getting more work done. They need a soulmate who’s going to lighten their heavy moods; someone who can make them laugh even in the middle of a long work day. That’s the balance a Scorpio needs.

Aries Women: Someone Who Can Keep Up Physically And Mentally

Aries has a ton of energy, both mentally and physically. They’re always working to get ahead and are just as happy running a marathon as they are strutting their stuff in a boardroom. They never give up, never surrender, and end up as leaders of the pack more often than not.

While two leaders can be difficult to manage, an Aries really does need someone who’s willing to keep up.

Someone who’s going to be able to motivate the Aries when they’re down and someone who’s going to support and balance them mentally. Basically, find a soulmate who’s able to keep up!

Aries Men: This Soulmate Should Be Able To Say “No”

Yes, we’ve established that Aries are leaders. However, every good leader needs to learn when to take advice. They need to understand when it’s important to step back and try someone else’s idea. The imposing nature of the Aries can make that difficult, however, as many times more relaxed signs will find it hard to say no to an Aries.

It’s important that the Aries man finds a soulmate who isn’t afraid to say no; sometimes we all need that voice of reason in our lives. Especially when we’re as go-getting as an Aries! This makes for a dynamic duo that will inevitably help each other succeed.

Pisces Women: Pisces Need A Peaceful Partner Who Can Also Up The Energy

Pisces is a sign that thrives best on romance and relaxation. They certainly aren’t as outgoing as a Leo and are nowhere near as ladder-climbing as an Aries. The Pisces woman takes a mere moment before falling in love, as her heart is so open and available to everyone she meets.

The trust that Pisces ladies have is a beautiful trait, but it also means that finding a soulmate can be hard to pin down.

Our advice is simple: find a soulmate that matches the Pisces’ point of view, but is also able to up the energy. Pisces can get distracted easily by new, fascinating ideas. By matching with someone who brings a little focus in, the Pisces will become unstoppable!

Pisces Men: Faithfulness Is A Top Trait For Your Soulmate

Remember when we talked about the loving, trusting nature of the Pisces? This can, unfortunately, net Pisces in some negative situations sometimes. Pisces are eager to lavish their partners in love, making them perfect targets for signs who want to receive affection more than they give.

Before showing a new beau with all the attention they desire, ensure that they’re ready for the commitment level a Pisces needs. Relationships are a two-way street; the Pisces’ soulmate is going to be one that’s just as faithful as the Pisces themselves. This keeps the relationship mutual and ensures Pisces can let their love flow.

Capricorn Women: A Soulmate Who Shows Them Endless Love And Affection

It can be difficult to come up with a soulmate trait for a sign that’s so self-sufficient. While Capricorn might come across as a little obstinate to those that don’t know them, they’re actually the sign that has the squishiest, gooiest center. They’ve got huge hearts which are fully committed to the person they’re with. They aren’t afraid of sharing who they are, provided that it’s a mutual endeavor.

The Capricorn’s soulmate needs to be someone who’s going to shower their partner with love and affection, as it reassures the worry-minded Capricorn.

This makes for a great relationship for everyone involved… Especially Capricorn!

Capricorn Men: A Positive Attitude Will Go A Long Way When It Comes To Your Soulmate

For a sign with a sweet and subtle center, Capricorns can certainly tend to struggle with retaining a positive attitude. They care so much about people and things that it’s hard for them to deal with something that brings disappointment into their world. They can get bogged down by work, and find it challenging to make time for fun.

They really are the workhorse of the Astro signs, which is why finding someone with a positive attitude is essential for this sign. Levity and joy will help us live a longer life; the Capricorn’s soulmate needs to see that and share it with their hardworking Capricorn.

Aquarius Women: Conversation Is Key For An Aquarius

Aquarius is a sign that likes to talk. They tend to get started and not stop, even if their partner begins to doze off at the dinner table. It’s not that they’re unaware; they’re just really passionate about the things they’re talking about. Aquarians don’t waste energy on things they don’t care about.

They need a soulmate who’s able to understand that, which usually means finding someone with similar interests.

This makes the Aquarius woman glow with joy, being able to share in an interest with someone. That sort of glow should be present throughout the whole relationship, which is why in-common conversation topics are so essential to an Aquarius’ soulmate.

Aquarius Men: Understanding The Need For Alone Time Is Incredibly Important

As much as Aquarius likes to talk, they also need time to work things out on their own. Their favorite way to connect with someone is through discussion, but their favorite way to solve problems is to think about them for a long, hard time. By allowing the Aquarius to have that alone time, the relationship will be able to flourish.

The Aquarius will have space to think and their partner will reap the benefits of conversation (rather than arguments). It’s a win-win… Now the Aquarius man just needs to find a soulmate who can embrace that way of thinking!

Sagittarius Women: A Willingness For Adventure Is One Of Your Soulmate’s Must-Haves

We all knew this was coming, right? Sagittarius and adventure; it’s not unheard of, though harping on it can make the Sagittarius feel a little one-note. We’re here to assure that willingness to adventure is much broader than some might think. Adventure doesn’t have to mean world travels. Adventure can simply be trying something new for dinner, or listening to a new kind of music.

Finding a partner who’ll embrace adventure and change is going to make the Sagittarius very, very happy.

By bringing that freedom into the partnership they’re both going to feel like anything’s possible. Isn’t that what finding a soulmate is all about?

Sagittarius Men: Curiosity And Confidence Is The Perfect Soulmate Cocktail

In a similar fashion to the Sagittarius we just talked about, the Sagittarius man is also looking for someone who shows no fear when presented with a new food, idea, or life choice. Sagittarius needs someone who’s willing to both go along with new ideas and present new ideas on their own. They’re looking for someone both confident and curious, as those are the traits that are going to match most well with Sagittarius’ confidence.

This kind of soulmate will help the Sagittarius man sparkle and will give him something to anchor to. Ultimately, they’re both going to be happier having each other as well as keeping the freedom fresh.

Virgo Women: Want A Listener (And Maybe A Comedian Too)

Virgo women are serious. They like a good book and a glass of hot cocoa over a sticky floor and bodies raving to the same beat. They value a good conversation over a good ping-pong arm and would love to find someone to match. However, those aren’t the only qualities a Virgo should be looking for.

On top of intelligence and conversation, a Virgo woman should be looking for a listener who can also make them laugh.

By allowing themselves to be heard, the Virgo woman will feel more at ease. The laughter will let them loosen up, making conversation flow even easier. That’s a perfect score in Virgo’s books!

Virgo Men: Typically Want Emotional Support And Problem-Solving Skills

Virgo men aren’t much different from Virgo women. Virgos, in essence, are Virgos regardless of how they identify. While Virgos, in general, could benefit from a partner who’s a good listener and can make people laugh, the Virgo man is better off finding a soulmate who’s got some other elements as well. Emotional support and problem-solving are both things a Virgo needs a lot of.

With such big, beautiful brains, the Virgo tends to overthink. This can make for a sticky situation in the Virgo’s mind. By finding a partner who’s able to think concretely and practically and offer up a shoulder to cry on, the Virgo will find everything feels a little more manageable.

Leo Women: Need To Know They’re Loved And Appreciated By Their Soulmate

It’s a simple thing, but one that’s often overlooked by Leos and their lovers alike. A Leo is a sign that likes attention. They like being at the center of things and often thrive in situations where they’re able to get a little bit of affection or praise.

The Leo woman likes to know they’re appreciated by their soulmate, as it’s easy for them to give a lot of themselves very quickly.

By ensuring that the favor is returned they’re going to be able to lead a happy, fulfilled life full of affection and attention. Keeping a Leo happy is easy; it just requires some more energy.

Leo Men: Love A Little Bit Of Fire

Once again, we bet that this was at least a little expected. While it is true that opposites attract, fire signs often look for folks that can match them in the passion realm. Leo men love a little bit of fire; they like passion, energy, and a willingness to dive into situations outside of their comfort zone.

Leos aren’t scared to take risks, and they need someone who’s going to be able to do that too. They need a person that can embrace the wacky and wild nature of Leo’s life, all while keeping their own sense of independent self. Is it a lot to ask? Maybe. We’re sure that these soulmates are out there, though. We just have to keep looking!


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