If you’re in a relationship then the chances are that you’re incredibly happy (if you’re not, then what the hell are you doing, girl?!). You probably think that your relationship is going really well and that everything is great. And for sure—it might just be!

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However, there are hidden ways that every couple could be ruining their relationship—without even realising it.

Whether you’re at a bar, at a bus stop, in the office or out for dinner, it’s more common than not to see a large percentage of the people around you on their mobile phones. Are you addicted to your smartphone? Do you absolutely love social media? If you spend a significant amount of time every day scrolling through Instagram, watching videos on Facebook or tweeting your friends back and forth, you could well be putting your relationship in danger.

Indeed, anyone who spends enough time on their mobile phone could be engaging in the phenomenon of ‘phubbing’; and this could be ruining your relationship.

‘Phubbing’ is the act of snubbing your partner or indeed anyone to look at your phone in mid-conversation. It’s a phenomenon which is on the rise year upon year, and scientists have recently taken a closer look at whether or not phubbing could be ruining your relationship.

Is Your Man Losing Interest?

You might be using dangerous words and phrases that affect your man much more than you might realize. (Most women do this without even knowing it, and accidentally kill their man’s attraction towards them)

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When conducting their research on the act of phubbing, scientists found that people in the UK and the US check their phones an average of every 4-6 minutes, which equates to an average of 150 times a day.

This is directly linked to the huge advances in technology, meaning we now have the entire world at our fingertips through a small device we keep on our person at all times. As smartphones get smarter and apps get cooler, it definitely seems like this problem is only going to get worse and worse!

Scientists have revealed that 46% of people in the in-depth study that they conducted admitted to being ‘phubbed’ by their partner—which is almost a whopping half of the population.

This influential research goes on to state that being this distracted by your mobile phone can be incredibly detrimental for a relationship, making it seem like you could be losing interest in your partner.

It’s one of the worst things in the world to feel unwanted by your partner—and you could be doing this to the one you love without even realising it!

Let’s take a stand, put our phones down and start showing our men that we love them.


How do you fix your relationship?

  • Try not to look at your phone when you’re spending time with your loved one
  • Leave your phone in your bag when you’re out for dinner or drinks with your man
  • Pencil in half an hour before bed to put your phones away and spend quality time together catching up about your day
  • Make a point of telling your guy how much you love and appreciate him as often as you can

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Don’t let someone you love slip away because you’re not concentrating enough to keep the relationship alive. Let’s snub the phubbing—once and for all.


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