We all have those little things that irritate us to no end, no matter how minor they may seem. Does type have any part to play in this? With a little research and some lurking through forums, I was able to come up with this list. Technically, I think a lot of these things would annoy just about anyone; but for these particular types, these things are an ESPECIALLY awful form of torture. We’ll get through all 16 types, but let’s start with…

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ESFP: Make an excel spreadsheet telling them how to live their lives, or worse, drone on and on to them about it at a party or social gathering where they want to have some fun and relax.

ISFP: Give them a list of rules for your friendship or relationship.

ISTP: When they’re feeling stressed, ask them repeatedly how they’re feeling.

ESTP: When they’re ready to go out and have some fun, pull them aside and tell them you need to have a heart-to-heart conversation.

ENFJ: Tell them that their cheerful exuberance is fake or phony.

ENFP: Misinterpret their kindness and passion for romantic interest.

INFJ: Call their insights “superstitious”, and force them to focus on the practicalities of the present moment.

INFP: When they come to you with a problem, jump in with lots of practical advice before they have a chance to finish telling you what’s wrong.

ESTJ: Show up thirty minutes late to a planned meeting with them, and tell them you just ‘lost track of time’.

ESFJ: Get into a conversation with them and only half-listen to everything they’re saying. When there’s a pause just give them a blank look and say “ummmm….right”

ISTJ: Drop in on them without any prior notice and expect them to hang out and chat.

ISFJ: When they do something nice for you, give them a suspicious look and say “…okay…what’s the catch?”

INTJ: When they’re talking about their latest passion, interrupt them with unrelated questions.

INTP: Create an outline for how they should spend each minute of their day.

ENTJ: Decide to argue something you know very little about and don’t back down, no matter what. Then get really emotional when the ENTJ tries to prove you wrong.

ENTP: Give them a to-do list of mundane daily chores that they have to complete…alone.

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