Relationships can be hard, especially when it comes to commitment. Some men are ready to settle down immediately or fear it entirely and avoid it at all cost. Astrology is one of the top methods to identify whether he’s prepared to commit. Pisces and Gemini men don’t do well with commitment at all, they’re so afraid of it and will do anything not to move forward in the relationship. If you want a future with a Gemini, you’re going to need to give him lots of space. Eventually, he’ll come around and when he’s found the one he’ll be ready for more. It’s quite simple getting an Aries man’s full devotion as all it takes is kindness and nurturing.

Some signs like Taurus aren’t afraid of taking the next step, but they’ll likely only do it with the right person. If you want your relationship to head in the right direction, make sure that you follow specific rules as it may just work. The number-one rule is not to be too needy and don’t expect things to happen overnight. Some guys like to wait for a while before making it a long-term relationship. Feeling stuck and don’t know what to do, read on for ways on how you could ensure a steadier future with him.

Aries: Be Patient

Usually, he’ll dive headfirst into the relationship, and it’ll move too quickly. It sounds like a good thing, but it’ll slowly fizzle out due to boredom. The only way you can ensure there’s a future is to be patient. Give the relationship space by spending time apart and let him miss you. When he hasn’t seen you in a while, he’ll want to spend more time with you. The relationship will move along a little slower, but in time, the bond will be strong. Don’t panic because if he’s interested, he’s not going anywhere and is more willing to move forward with you.

Virgo: Communicate Your Feelings

The relationship will move really slowly, and it’ll feel like you’re hardly dating at all. Virgo men aren’t big on communication and aren’t very comfortable with emotions. You’ll most likely be wondering if he’s even still interested. He’ll let you know by his actions instead of words so keep an eye out, and you may get your answer. Don’t nag him for confirmation with talking as this may scare him off. Let time move along before having the talk, as when it’s time you’ll know each other more. He’ll open up if you say communication is vital for the relationship to improve. Virgos love self-improvement!

Aquarius: Be A Best Friend

It’s tough dating a man who is Aquarius as they like to take things slow before making any big decisions. He wants to build trust so expect to be his best friend first before a relationship develops. Once he gets to know you, the real you, he’ll be more willing to move things forward, but you’ll need to be really patient. While you’re still in the friend zone, let him be comfortable with you as this could speed the process a little. If you talk about the future too much, it’ll scare him off and before anything happens disaster will strike.

Gemini: Give Him Space

It can be tricky dating a Gemini as he won’t be so willing to be in the relationship for the long haul. The term “forever” freaks him out and if he’s not freaked out, he thinks it’s a funny concept. Gemini normally lives in an imaginary world which is their reality. Therefore, a real-life relationship can be a bit tricky for him. Don’t despair though as he’ll commit if you’re the right one. All you need to do is give him space as Gemini’s love their freedom. The contrast of freedom and togetherness will make him realize he doesn’t need to be afraid.

Sagittarius: Maintain The Spark

New relationships are always exciting, and some star signs thrive on it and won’t want to go beyond the beginning stages. Sagittarius are known for their need for a fresh romance every single time. He loves the chase, and once the relationship gets boring, he’ll want to leave. If you want him to stay, you’ll need to keep the relationship exciting and brand new. He’s the life of the party and see’s life as an adventure so he’ll want someone whose the same. The best bet will be keeping up with him and going on every journey while remaining true to yourself.

Cancer: Don’t Make Him Jealous

Some guys aren’t too fazed about their partners talking to other men but not a Cancer man. They’re known for their insecurities, and they distrust everyone. It can be tricky if you’re a sociable person and in a relationship with him. He’ll want all your attention and reassurance that he’s the only guy for you. Don’t make him doubt that because he’ll get jealous and insecure. It’ll put a damper on the relationship, and things will go sour quickly. We don’t want that so if you want things to work in the long haul give him all your attention and he’ll feel loved.

Pisces: Reassure Him

According to Our everyday life, a long-term relationship can be complicated for a Pisces man because they struggle with the realities of a relationship. They’re a lot of hard work, and they can be very indecisive. It’ll leave you confused, but don’t make him feel pressured as he’ll leave you for a little while. He has severe commitment phobia, but if you reassure him that it’s not bad, he may not be so scared. Pisces want honesty, so speak about your feelings and let him know what he’ll be missing if you leave. It’ll make him think, and he’ll want to stay.


Leo: Always Praise Him

The Lion is one of the most energetic and passionate signs. A Leo man is always on the move, and they live their lives full of energy. The main trait is pride, Leo’s thrive on praise, and they’re the happiest when they receive it. Never stop giving him attention and praising his accomplishments. It’ll make him happy, and he’ll never want to leave. Leos are also known to be bachelors, and they’re always on the move for new relationships. At first, it’ll be dazzling, and eventually, he’ll get bored and want to find a spark from someone else. He won’t leave if every day is an adventure.

Scorpio: It’ll Be Challenging

Relationships are all built on trust, but some men can go overboard. A Scorpio man will test you until he has your trust so it could take a long time before the relationship moves forward. If you want this stage to move quickly, you’ll need to be honest all the time and don’t hide any secrets. According to Love to know, he’ll observe you intensely so be ready to handle it because if you can’t, he’ll leave. With observation, he’ll be able to tell if you’re honest so don’t test the waters. It could make him insecure, and you’ll end up fighting.

Libra: Be Creative Always

Libras are very creative and have a very romantic side to them. Expect him to have a passion for anything in the arts and entertainment world and lots of romance. To keep him happy you’ll have to work at keeping the spark. If you’re stuck and don’t know where to begin, think like him, and it’ll be easy. Make sure dates are creative and never let the romance die. Libras loved to be doted on so always do new things like write love letters or plan different date nights. It’ll keep him wanting more, and he’ll never want to leave.

Taurus: He Admires The Truth

We tend to not be forthcoming in a relationship because we’re afraid it could ruin everything. Taurus men like bluntness and hate it if their partner don’t get straight to the point. It’ll always frustrate him so make sure you’re upfront with him. He respects a woman who tells him exactly what she wants as he doesn’t understand hints. Taurus men are also stubborn and won’t back down on their point of view, so if you argue your opinion too much, an argument will arise. If you want commitment, you’re going to want a family life because he wants to put down roots once he’s found the one.

Capricorn: Stick To The Plan

Dating him will be tough as he has a structure of how he lives his life and it must be in order. Capricorns are big on commitment, but it won’t happen until he’s entirely sure that you’re forever. If you show him this, the relationship will move a lot quicker. According to Love to know, everything including date nights is planned, and he’ll be frustrated if you don’t go along with them. If you stick to the plan, it’ll make him happy, and there’ll be hardly any arguments. Don’t be afraid to talk about the future because if there’s hesitation, it’ll scare him off.

Aries: Be Humourous

There’ll never be a dull moment when you’re in a relationship with an Aries. They tend to find joy in life, and he’ll most likely be cracking jokes at every moment. He’ll adore you even more if you can keep up with his banter and wit. Don’t be afraid to challenge him as he’ll appreciate it and will want to stick around for the long haul. He won’t like it if you make fun of his character, so make sure the debates are always friendly. He also appreciates a woman who finds the humor in life and this outlook will increase the chemistry.

Pisces And Aries: Value Independence

Freedom is crucial in a relationship, and Pisces men are known for their need in doing their own thing regularly. Don’t expect to be with each other daily as he cherishes time apart. Pisces admires independence, and he’ll want to be with someone who won’t need him 24/7. Time alone is always healthy as it gives you time to miss each other and still be yourself. An Aries man does like a damsel in distress, but will only want to feel needed once. It’ll impress him if you show him you can do it on your own after his help.

Sagittarius: Remain Loyal

Trust is essential in a relationship and Sagittarius admire partners who are always loyal. He actually sees it as a vital trait so it’ll be the most important thing when finding a woman. The one thing that he won’t appreciate is fickleness as he sees it as untruthful. Sagittarius men don’t like lying, and if he picks it up, he’ll leave. Always remain loyal, and he’ll commit since you have his trust.  It’ll be a long road in planning the future, but with confidence, it can happen. A deep bond will eventually develop, and he’ll remain faithful to you.

Virgo: Belong In His World

If you have the same qualities as him, the partnership will be a big hit, and he’ll want to move a lot quicker towards the future. Virgo men can be frustrating though because if you don’t belong in their world things can get ugly. They like things to be in order, and they’re big on pro and cons list. If you show him you won’t make disruptions to his ordered life; he’ll be more confident to settle down. Don’t push him too much because he’ll react by being critical. Take a step back as the reaction is his way of protecting himself.

Aquarius: He Admires Maturity

Woman tend to get melodramatic when reacting to certain situations and some men don’t mind that. Aquarius men can’t stand it, though and it’ll push him away. They tend to detach quite often so if you want a future with him, you can’t be immature. Instead of harassing him with emotion, handle the situation with maturity, and he’ll admire it. If you talk to him calmly, he’ll be willing to speak, and it shows you won’t react with too much emotion in future occurrences. He also admires intelligent conversation so charm him with knowledge, and he’ll love it if it’s about your interests.

Gemini And Sagittarius: It’s All About The Adventure

You get two types of people – homebody or outdoors— for a relationship to work, you need to be the same as your partner. Some star signs prefer the home life but these two star signs need adventure, and they need someone with the same passions. If you want him to commit, you’re going to have to think out of the box. Plan outdoor activities that he won’t be able to resist and he’ll want to hang out more with you.  Even if you’re not such an outdoorsy person, spoil him with vacations, and it’ll make him realize that you can compromise.

Aries: Be Sweet

Some relationships work well when there are opposing traits. For instance, Aries men can be hot-tempered and with a woman whose calm, it can make him cool off and balance out emotions. Don’t push him for a future because it’ll make him scared and it could ruin the relationship. If you want things to move quicker, show him by being sweet and nurturing. He loves these two traits, and it’ll make him want to commit. Be genuine about it though because if he picks up on a fake attitude, he’ll leave. There’ll be a future especially, if you lavish him with tender loving care.

Libra: Help Him With Decisions

It can be frustrating having a partner whose continuously indecisive, but Libras are always weighing out things and are hopeless with decisions. If you get frustrated, he won’t like it, and it could end up in a breakup. Libras hate conflict and will do anything to avoid it so starting an argument is a definite no. Help him with decision making, and he’ll be grateful but always remember to be patient. Libras are fair people, and they won’t get offended with advice. Don’t put them on the spot, though. If he sees you trying he’ll stick around as it shows you can work together as a team.


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